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["An Experiment with a Self-Compiling Compiler for a Simple List-Processing Language", M.V. Wilkes, Ann Rev Automatic Programming 4:1-48. (1964)].


(Wireless ISP) An Internet service provider (ISP) that transmits wireless. Using WiMAX and other radio technologies, WISPs generally provide "last mile" connectivity directly to homes and businesses where DSL and cable services are not available.

Mobile Wireless
Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are technically "mobile WISPs;" however they are generally called "cellular carriers" or "mobile carriers."

Fixed Wireless
In contrast, "fixed wireless WISPs" mount antennas on tall buildings with line of sight to their customers or to other antennas that relay the signals around obstacles. WISPs became popular in rural and outlying areas, because they were the only high-speed Internet connection available; however, they are increasingly being deployed in urban areas competing with the giant ISPs.

Companies use WISPs for regular Internet access as well as for backup in case their wired connection fails. See WiMAX, ISP, fixed wireless, Clearwire, WISPr and 802.11.

netBlazr 5-Star Service in Boston
Providing Internet access to residences, apartment houses and commercial buildings, netBlazr features performance at reasonable prices. These antennas, which receive line-of-sight signals in the 5 GHz band, are installed by the company and plug directly into the user's computer or network. (Images courtesy of netBlazr, www.netblazr.com)
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This API integration with Sonar is a step forward in our vision to offer cutting-edge networking solutions to WISPs and I thank Simon and our WISP customers using Sonar who worked with us to integrate Pulse topology information," said Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO, Aterlo Networks.
WISPs are usually wireless radio fanatics who have entered the wireless Internet provisioning space as a hobby.
power levels typical of WISPs and not of mobile carriers, the exclusion
Don't run out of Wisp power while underground or he'll die.
The advantage for WISPs using the database is the ability to quickly search and identify detailed information about whether their towers are located near a TDWR site.
With many years of experience, Alvarion has been able to adapt its products and services to meet the unique challenges of WISPs, said Mike Cowan, President of Wireless Connections.
Moreover, its flexible architecture built around two types of base stations - omni-directional and sector - and its ruggedized and weather-proof (IP67) enclosure add significantly to its unique value proposition to WISPs.
Recurring Revenue from WISP Operations: With the completion of the company's most recent acquisitions, the total ERF Wireless recurring revenue base from WISP operations is slightly less than $500,000 per month, profitable and growing.
Company Targeting Profitable WISPs that Complement Banking and Oil & Gas Strategies
The acquisition of three Central Texas WISPs - Momentum Online, TSTAR Internet and Total Access - adding some 5,500 customers and more than $2.
In addition to growing its business through strong organic growth, TierOne Networks is pursuing an active acquisition strategy of WISPs to expand its operations and to augment its organic growth initiatives.