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a flock of birds, esp snipe


["An Experiment with a Self-Compiling Compiler for a Simple List-Processing Language", M.V. Wilkes, Ann Rev Automatic Programming 4:1-48. (1964)].


(Wireless ISP) An Internet service provider (ISP) that transmits wireless. Using WiMAX and other radio technologies, WISPs generally provide "last mile" connectivity directly to homes and businesses where DSL and cable services are not available.

Mobile Wireless
Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are technically "mobile WISPs;" however they are generally called "cellular carriers" or "mobile carriers."

Fixed Wireless
In contrast, "fixed wireless WISPs" mount antennas on tall buildings with line of sight to their customers or to other antennas that relay the signals around obstacles. WISPs became popular in rural and outlying areas, because they were the only high-speed Internet connection available; however, they are increasingly being deployed in urban areas competing with the giant ISPs.

Companies use WISPs for regular Internet access as well as for backup in case their wired connection fails. See WiMAX, ISP, fixed wireless, Clearwire, WISPr and 802.11.

netBlazr 5-Star Service in Boston
Providing Internet access to residences, apartment houses and commercial buildings, netBlazr features performance at reasonable prices. These antennas, which receive line-of-sight signals in the 5 GHz band, are installed by the company and plug directly into the user's computer or network. (Images courtesy of netBlazr, www.netblazr.com)
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A small forest of columns peeks out of Ginger's wispy transparent skirts, a fizzy froth of metaphorical legs and petticoats suddenly tumbling on to the street below, marking the entrance to the building on Jiraskovo namesti.
TAO-CHI Dressed in his long, white, long-sleeved, blue-sashed holiday robe, with a fashionably wispy beard and some kind of Confucian doodad on his head (it looks like a lantern), the poet stands, face slightly tilted upward, in the little grove.
Wispy tendrils of gas and dust meander through a bedazzling star-filled region of the southern sky.
BEST OF THE BUNCH Cotinus (Smoke bush) With its clouds of wispy flowerheads, the smoke bush provides a brilliant stand-alone feature growing to around 3m (10ft).
She has the right kind of wispy, busybody style that makes you believe in Agatha Christie's heroine.
The 'Local Fluff', which is a nickname for the Local Interstellar Cloud, is a vast, wispy cloud of hot hydrogen and helium stretching 30 light-years across.
The former supreme scorer, nicknamed Wispy, says the Hoops need to step up a level in the new season, and reckons their Aussie striker will have to shed a few pounds.
Firstly, cut back any long, wispy side shoots of wisteria that were produced towards the end of last summer, leaving two or three buds at the base of each one - this helps to develop flowering spurs over the years and can be done again in July.
WITH their wispy plumes of tiny, starry flowers, these hardy perennials are an elegant, textural addition to any garden.
The suspect is white, in his late teens, 5ft 9in tall, pale, with wispy facial hair, slim with a Cardiff accent.
Sometimes called fern asparagus on account of its wispy mien, this plant is not sold at nurseries but finds its way into most gardens.