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see wisteriawisteria
or wistaria
, any plant of the genus Wisteria, woody twining vines of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), cultivated and highly esteemed for the beautiful pendent clusters of pealike flowers, lilac, white, or pink. There are two species (W.
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My focus on Gilman's engagement of the colonial revival, however, results in new and very different conclusions about what the wall-paper and its yellow color signify as well as about how Gilman figured white racial identity and national belonging in both "The Yellow Wall-Paper" and "The Giant Wistaria.
Yet from wistaria to chrysalis, regeneration and propagation are major themes in Absalom, Absalom
True, Faulkner repeatedly refers to nature and its courses, as in the appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of the circling buzzards (in AILD), the wistaria wine (in AA), or the sparrows and pigeons (in RN), but while these associate with the traditional images of renewal and resurrection, his repeated conjuring and banishing his characters mark Faulkner's attempt to achieve a psychological reversal of dependence.
To that end, after researching the company's database of 168,000 patterns, they chose Lenox's Cinderella china, Reed & Barton's Francis 1 silverware, and Tiffin's Wistaria Pink and Morgantown's Cobalt Blue crystal.
The lower terrace is designed as a scent garden, with a profusion of Mexican orange trees, wistaria, azaleas and hydrangeas arranged in broad strips.
They employed saponins extracted from the knots of Wistaria brachybotrys-agents long used in Japanese folk medicine to fight cancer.
Compson projects effortlessly into Quentin's future, as we learn that the smells of wistaria and Mr.
Deputies were dispatched to the traffic crash at Canna Valley Street and Wistaria Valley Road at 1:55 a.
Two volatile [beta]-chromenes from Wistaria sinensis flowers.
Residential and respite units at Wistaria Lodge, The Grange and Broad Park House;
The decay is pervasive--the wistaria, for instance, extends its vines to Quentin's Harvard dorm, infects him, and even infuses a kind of syntactic torpor into the line:
A FINE VINE: The City of Sierra Madre hosts the 87th annual Wistaria Festival, where you can view the 111-year-old, 250-ton wisteria vine, browse the Art Faire, indulge in delicious food offered by local restaurants and watch street musicians perform.