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see wisteriawisteria
or wistaria
, any plant of the genus Wisteria, woody twining vines of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), cultivated and highly esteemed for the beautiful pendent clusters of pealike flowers, lilac, white, or pink. There are two species (W.
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The twining, palindromic quality of this exchange between Quentin and Henry echoes the patterning of the wistaria that hangs from the trellis at Rosa's house in the first scene, and the "two swirls of smoke" (300) at Sutpen's Hundred.
The principal clause of the passage, "Once there was a summer of wistaria," is interrupted twice by parenthetical intrusions.
wistaria, the cigar-smell, the fireflies--attenuated up from Mississippi
I saw him on Friday, January 9, 1998, after seeing him two years before in a children's home, Wistaria Lodge in Earlsdon Avenue South, and two years before that at the same children's home.
Wistaria Lodge, in Earlsdon Avenue South, reopened four months ago following an extensive refurbishment to bring it up to scratch with new government guidelines.
Up to 100 neighbours gathered at Earlsdon Methodist Hall to voice concerns over Wistaria Lodge which will open in September following a refurbishment.
Cllr Harper, who chaired the meeting, said she had been burgled and that police told her the offenders were children from Wistaria Lodge.
Youngsters at the Manor will be moved to Wistaria Lodge children's home later this year.
The seven young people represent about half the children housed at The Manor - the building is packed with additional youngsters from Wistaria Lodge in Earlsdon which is being renovated.
While experienced temporary managers are in charge of Wistaria Lodge in Earlsdon, Stoke House in Stoke and its adjoining secure unit, only The Grange in Keresley has a qualified manager.