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the period a drug addict goes through following abrupt termination in the use of narcotics, usually characterized by physical and mental symptoms (withdrawal symptoms)



troop actions undertaken in order to lead units away from enemy strikes and to occupy favorable lines for defense, to conduct a counterattack, to shorten the front, or to gain time.

A withdrawal may be accompanied by a disengagement or be carried out deliberately without contact with the enemy. A withdrawal accompanied by a disengagement is carried out under the cover of specially assigned subunits, which, by actively engaging the enemy, ensure the secrecy and successful execution of the withdrawal. A withdrawal of the main forces is covered by rear guards and rear and flank march security detachments, as well as by laying ambushes, setting up obstacles, and carrying out demolition work. A withdrawal may be executed only by order of a senior commander.

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Under bristling cross-examination, White House aide Bruce Lindsey acknowledged Tuesday that campaign finance reports did not fully explain how Bill Clinton's 1990 Arkansas gubernatorial campaign spent large cash withdrawals.
65), the tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses at any age make them particularly attractive to many plan participants.
Over half of people who took withdrawals in 2015 were over age 71, the report found.
I'll say it another way: A 4 percent withdrawal rate is always possible, because no matter the dollar amount of the withdrawals, one can always take 4 percent per year out of the account.
In a straight linear model, principal reductions accelerate, ultimately resulting in a zero portfolio balance after 25-27 years, depending on the timing of the withdrawals.
March was another busy month in life insurance and annuity product development, particularly in the area of enhancements to guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits.
Knowing more about actual withdrawals from VAs with GMWBs, annuitizations from VAs with GMIBs, and persistency for VAs with GMABs--as well as the intermediate behaviors involving step-ups and cash flow--is extremely helpful to insurers assessing and managing the long-terms risks of these benefits.
It could be a month before the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's Office verifies signatures on the competing sets of forms, and LAFCO compares dates and names to determine whether the withdrawals cancel out some protests.
Caveat: Although individuals may be eligible to withdraw money from their retirement plans as a result of Hurricane Katrina, their plans may not permit early withdrawals.
401(k)-1(d)(2)(iii)] require plan sponsors to develop and follow procedures designed to monitor hardship withdrawals.
Row to Avoid It: Make withdrawals at your bank only or use checks.