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the nontechnical name for uterus

What does it mean when you dream about a womb?

A dream about being in a womb could represent regression—or a desire to regress—to one’s childhood. Alternatively, it could reflect the feeling that one is being reborn in some way.

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Here Iglesias reverses the spouting logic of the familiar garden feature by directing water downward between two lips of a narrow slit at the center of the fountain, where it flows into the labyrinthine "maternal darkness" of the womblike earth (43).
But this womblike haven where she could commune with herself alone is invaded not only by the sounds of birds, but also by the voice of ploughman and a team of her horses.
uk Swaddle Pod by Summer Infant ZIP newborns into the spandex cotton-blend Swaddlepod, which stretches with movement and recreates the familiar womblike feeling.
The womblike attribute of the house is replicated in the drum whose cosmological position is in the fertile Afekan sphere mediating between the hot world of Eisaorim (and the living) and the netherworld of benevolent ancestors, bringing together the three major ancestral forces in the growth of taro.
Peter's choice to commit suicide in his attic room, one of the novel's womblike, creative spaces, as an articulation of Cather's deep ambivalence toward the feminine as both creative and destructive force, "literaliz[ing] the equation of womb with tomb" (177).
Wandering home addicted to morphine, he retreats to his womblike room only to be burned in his bed by his mother.
The seemingly organic 'I' acknowledges the birth of the subject both of and for narration--and thus the birth of the book--as a movement from a womblike origin (the first place) to 'the world after birth', (12) the second place, and finally to the Third Place, 'where the starting point is myth'.
However, neither the encircling arms nor the womblike darkness of the cloak can fully enclose and shelter the two figures.
She appears as a precious object ("missal") in a place of danger where she may be destroyed ("where swart Paynims pray"), but kept "clasp'd" to prevent theft, she regresses from rose back to bud, as if returning to a womblike state, out of experience into an innocence that can only be like death.
considers the light cast by the shade, wonders if it is womblike,
The Surreal House does not give much play to projects that respond to this challenge in a literal way and which result, inevitably, in ovoid or womblike spaces (think Ushida Findlay's Soft and Hairy House, 1994); the wonderful cosmic egg of Frederick Kiesler's Endless House (1950) is as far down this road as we go.