wood form

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form for a concrete column
Temporary boarding, sheeting, or pans of plywood, molded fiberglass, etc.; used to give desired shape to poured concrete, or the like.
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Coat the wood form with motor oil or WD-40 to keep the concrete from sticking to the wood.
Chunks of sunken wood form a pathway, and the garden hose which trails along the fence is unrecognisable as it's cloaked in rough sacking to blend in with the background.
A modernistic shaman has found a temporary home at the Ventura County Government Center, its copper and wood form complementing the rectangular buildings and circular brick and stone courtyard.
To make sure the new patch doesn't stick to the wood form, apply a thin coat of a "release agent" on the inside of the boards.
11) that extractives such as polyflavonoid tannins, catechol, and pyrogallol in wood form complexes with metal ions resulting in enhanced leaching of these components and their poor performance in service, notably with respect to soft-rot fungi.
Scope: create and install demolition of existing timber formwork and timber trusses, manufacturing and installation of steel brackets, wooden trusses of laminated wood, apply wood forms from large-scale multi-layer plywood panels, vapor barrier as a temporary waterproofing, as the work immediately.
Kristin, a woodworker, chose off-cuts of ash, teak, walnut and white oak from her studio to construct the bold wood forms.