wood-framed house

timber-framed house

timber-framed house with terminology for many structural members
A house in which the major structural components were huge timber
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The hard rockers and their management team - all from Kildare and Longford - woke up their four US friends in the old wood-framed house and guided them to safety as flames and thick black plumes spread through the property.
Now Speke is an area synonymous with a thriving airport, a thriving industrial and residential community - and a Tudor wood-framed house.
His propane bill is about one-quarter of what it would be in a traditional wood-framed house, $1,100 versus about $4,000 he had been spending, he noted.
As a result, SIPs are twice as strong as a wood-framed house, which is a real advantage in locations that experience tornadoes or hurricane-force winds.
A new four-car garage and exercise room addition bookends an existing 1960s wood-framed house in an established neighborhood.
They once tried to warm themselves by building a fire on a floor inside the wood-framed house.
These calculations show that the energy consumed in the manufacture of building materials (mining iron and coal for steel or harvesting wood for lumber) and the construction of a steel-framed house in Minneapolis was 17 percent greater than for a wood-framed house (Lippke et al.
Winner Amanda The wood-framed house with its distinctive curved roofs which Amanda built to blend into the Norfolk countryside The master bedroom overlooks the stream The state-of-the-art kitchen at Woods End Winner Amanda Huge windows overlook the landscaped grounds
We were rocking and rolling," said Anne LaVasseur, who was on the upper floor of a two-storey, wood-framed house on the east side of the Big Island when the quake struck.
Ivy Academia operates in a 60-year-old, wood-framed house.
Both systems boast R values that are comparable to a 2x6-inch, wood-framed house (R-19 in walls, R-30 in ceilings), and Northern Steel sells these products with a sustainability tag.