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It is absurd that we are in this situation, where they are going back on their word time and time again.
Writing the last paragraph and mentioning the word time brings it home to me that at my age - 67 - how quickly that four-letter word goes by.
The English word TIME has multiple meanings which would require at least three distinct words when translated into other languages.
Following that clue, he seeks a phenomenological recover of Greek thought about time, arguing that the feature of motion that the word time designates in Greek differs from what most modern scholarship has assumed, and that the very phenomenon of time has been misunderstood for centuries.
During his re-election campaign, Hahn dragged out old, unfounded accusations against Mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa; he played the race card at every opportunity; and he made promises and then went back on his word time and time again.
The citizens here have always been loyal to Labour, but doesn't loyalty deserve loyalty back, and hasn't this man gone back on his word time and time again with his empty, futile promises?
And he sang the word time and protracted his enunciation of the i with a pronounced vibrato, mimicking the sound of a saxophone (Baraka, I'll Make Me A World).
At Labour's manifesto launch - when the Shadow Cabinet sashayed in to rock music - Tony Blair thumped home one word time and again.
The word time, for instance--we run into puzzles about the concept of time and then we say, oh, what a terrible thing.
When asked to elaborate and explain the word times, many students replied with an exercise based on repeated addition such is "twice 2 .