work face

work face, face side, working face

In carpentry, the first surface to be planed smooth; the surface from which the others are measured or trued.
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The company attaches great importance to require all units to actively cooperate with the inspection team, truthfully show work face, the real objective of the problem, seriously treat the rectification really "look into the problem, shortcomings, the measures, rectification and reform" to eliminate the weak managerial session, ensuring the smooth construction of the project.
Results of analysis can provide a certain extent of guidance for prediction and forecast of mine pressure manifestation of work face roofs (Geng, 2002; Kidybinski, 1979).
With the telescopic boom, fully guarded cab, and ROPS/FOPS, the operator is positioned to allow full view of the work face, but at a safe distance from falling rock.
However, many people who have managed to get to work face the even more difficult prospect of getting home.
I suggest the government would do the country and industry a great service by solving such basic problems rather than embarking on high-profile conferences, etc which historically usually provide little positive improvements to those toiling at the work face.
Many families are struggling, those who go out to work face increases in childcare costs, rising energy bills and transport and fuel costs.
An onlooker said: "She looked tired and drawn but determined to put her work face on and to give a sterling performance.
CAUGHT ON FILM Artist Carolyn Mendelsohn whose work Face is on show in Hexham Abbey.
Cancer patients returning to work face a dilemma: should they tell prospective employers, or is it better to keep quiet and hope for understanding?
As a result, cancer patients who are returning to work face a dilemma: should they tell prospective employers about their disease or is it better to keep guiet until they get the job?
Highly professional and complicated operations require the most talented people and they need to work face to face.
TWO-thirds of people currently classed as too sick to work face being forced off disability benefits, it was revealed yesterday.