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1. the first public performance of a film, play, opera, etc.
2. the leading lady in a theatre company



the first public showing of a new or revived theatre production, a variety or circus show, a motion picture, or a film made for television. A new work in a repertoire is also often called a premiere.

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Following the world premiere, the stars of the film will embark on a UK-wide tour ahead of the film's release on 30th March 2018.
Ali Bin Matar's world premiere of his compelling short Chances Have Endings is a psychological drama about a young man's problems that go viral on social networks.
Making its world premiere in TIFF's Discovery section is The Narrow Frame of Midnight - the debut feature-length fiction film by acclaimed Moroccan-Iraqi filmmaker and visual artist Hadid.
is scheduled to present the world premiere of the concept models.
The actors arrived in the city of Wellington for the world premiere of the movie, which takes place there on Wednesday 28th November.
Similar in theme, Saudi Arabia's Nawaf Alhoshani's will present the World Premiere of Just a Picture at DIFF.
The line-up, which is presented free to the public, includes 82 world premieres, 12 international premieres, 27 Middle East premieres, 11 GCC premieres and four UAE premieres.
The lineup so far comprises six world premieres, one international premiere, one Middle East premiere, and one GCC Premiere.
I am thrilled that Katherine, Tito, Rebbie, director Andrew Eastel, Thomas [Mesereau] and Susan [Yu] as well as 100 stars will be in attendance for the world premiere of my new film.
The festival will include the world premiere of a new arrangement of Twilight for Harp, baritone and violin by Welsh composer Paul Mealor, made world-famous overnight following the performance of his piece Ubi Caritas at the recent royal wedding.
The world premiere will be broadcasted live on the Porsche website www.
The intense but whimsical documentary will make its world premiere in Dubai on December 16, followed by a second screening on December 18.

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