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the Nine nine heroes — three each from the Bible, from the classical period, and from medieval romance — who were frequently grouped together. [Pop. Culture: Brewer Dictionary, 694]
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If the three Worthy family businesses comprise a controlled group, the IRS will treat WFE, Worthy Growers and Worthy Resorts as a single employer for purposes of retirement and health benefit plan compliance.
The funds will be used for the full-scale roll-out of the Worthy mobile app, and will enable Worthy to expand its growing user base as well as to broaden the array of investment product options it offers retail investors.
The Worthy is an end-of-days tale where, after much of the world's water supply has been contaminated, two infiltrators move into a community which has taken refuge next to one of the few remaining clean water source.
Emirati filmmaker Ali Mostafa tested the waters of action movies genre for the first time with The Worthy, his latest feature film, which will premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October.
He came to Great Ayton to help his mum, Dorothy Pearson, run the original Worthy Pearson shop, opened by his grandfather Worthington Pearson, at 127 High Street, with his brother Norman.
In his second chapter, Worthy provides a critique of modern western lifestyles through the fictitious, but very typical, character of Joe, an office worker in the United States.
Worthy, 40, joined the Lilywhite Terrace side this summer after eight years at Blaydon.
GLASTONBURY 2014 (BBC2, Friday, 10pm) MYRIAD worthy acts descend on Worthy Farm for what promises to be the greatest music show on Earth.
Big Game" lames Worthy is a Hall of Famer, 3-time NBA champion and Most Valuable Player with the Los Angeles Lakers; an NCAA champion, philanthropist and TV host, analyst for Time Warner Cable SportsNet and spokesperson for Rushmore Essentials (RE) Brands.
AT ST John's Church, Canton, recently a drum group rhythmically played as choirs sang many African songs for the worthy cause of Water Aid.
Thought Worthy led over three furlongs out under William Buick but could not resist when challengers came and faded to finish sixth, beaten just over 13 lengths.
I recall the wise words of the German statesman Otto von Bismarck: "If you outlive a worthy opponent, you will find that you miss him.