writing system

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writing system

(human language, character)
The set of glyphs used for representing a given human language in written form, generally along with their conventions for use.

Writing System


the aggregate of the means of written communication, which include the graphic system, alphabet, and orthography of a single language or of a group of languages having a single form of writing or a single alphabet. In this sense, one can speak of Russian, English, Arabic, and other writing systems. Each writing system possesses its own system of graphemes used in various graphic combinations and in ortho-grams. These elements can be utilized for stylistic purposes or to emphasize parts of an utterance. A writing system must be distinguished from a written language, which is not simply speech recorded in writing but usually has specific lexical, semantic, and grammatical features distinguishing it from the spoken language.

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In 1975 Brent developed the writing system for die So:lo's language, Upriver Halkomelem, and eventually published its first grammar and dictionary.
The equipment concerned by this upgrade is an electron microscope jeol jsm6460 equipped with an electronic writing system raith elphy quantum.
All of Aramaic tribes contributed to the creation and development of the letters of syllabic writing system.
The central argument I make here is that the lexicographic macrostructure and microstructures of the Shuowen are designed to prove that the changes in the writing systems are historically and graphemically observable, and consequently that the original intentions of the sages who used guwen to write the classics are literally recoverable by working backwards through the reforms and changes in writing to a proper understanding of how they classified and used their words in the guwen writing system.
The shape of script: how and why writing systems change.
Dr Jacob Dahl, a co-leader of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative and a member of Oxford University's Faculty of Oriental Studies, said: 'I have spent the last ten years trying to decipher the proto-Elamite writing system and, with this new technology, I think we are finally on the point of making a breakthrough.
Egyptian hieroglyphics made up a formal writing system used by the Ancient Egyptians that contained a combination of pictographs (e.
Talking watches and new writing system for the behind were among the attractions in an exhibition at Birmingham's resource centre for blind people.
The name of which writing system means, in Greek, sacred carved writing?
AROWS, a modification of the Navy Reserve Order Writing System, is an automated order writing system that gives all levels of management, down to the individual guardsman, accurate, real-time information for decision making.
Though the Moche had no writing system, the pottery they left behind offers a vibrant window into their activities and beliefs.
In addition, DataPlay is making available a specialized CSS-MR/Qflix Pre-Key Writing System for media manufacturers and replicators.