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It is a widespread species in xerothermic areas of Eurasia (Litterski & Ahti 2004).
Arctosa lutetiana (Simon 1876) is an extra-mediterranean (including Ural) wolf spider that dwells in xerothermic forest-grassland habitats (Buchar & Ruricka 2002).
The start of the Xerothermic, a stage warmer and dryer than the present, is usually dated to 8500 yr B.
Tenders Are Invited for Implementation of protective measures on xerothermic grasslands in 11 natura 2000 areas in miechw upland.
it has also been compared to the more xerothermic Koelerietalia splendentis Horvatic 1973 from the same region.
In central Europe, Dysdera spiders prefer xerothermic forests, particularly sites enriched by calcium.
in complex ecosystems or at xerothermic sites) this process may be reversed (Sterk 1987; Elzinga et al.
Contract notice: Implementation of the service in the years 2017-2020 consisting in the implementation of protective measures on the surface of xerothermic communities in 14 nature reserves.
According to the xerothermic index (x) (BAGNOULS & GAUSSEN, 1953), and based on climatic data from the meteorological stations of volos (alt.