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The testing provided data on the thermal distribution during a fire event and the ability of the yoke in the mounting system to carry normal flight loads during exposure to a flame of 2000[Degrees]F [+ or -] 150[Degrees]F (1093[Degrees]C [+ or -] 66[Degrees]C) for a minimum of 15 minutes per Advisory Circular AC20-135 [2].
This yoke requires that each apparatus be custom-fit to an animal's horns, and as such can only be used by one team of oxen without substantial re-carving.
The captain considered giving control to the co-pilot, but decided that given the time available and the challenging conditions, his best course of action was to move his right hand from the power levers on to the yoke to regain control.
As he made the 'flare' manoeuvre - a stage of the landing shortly before touchdown - "his prosthetic limb became detached from the yoke clamp, depriving him of control of the aircraft".
Slight twitch or looseness was discovered in yoke when positioned to the right, resulting in lagging control response on initial roll input.
For pulling, you merely need a single yoke with two traces, but the yoke must fit properly, with the hitch points putting the traces far enough out from the shoulders and body that they will not rub on the animal.
Once the pattern is cut, take the two yoke pieces, lay one over the other, and fold it in half lengthwise to find the center.
When you rest the detector on the ground, put the search head flat so the yoke is not left lying on the ground where it can be more easily damaged.
If one has an iPad on a yoke mount, it will most likely be in the vertical position, so the horizon will be 90 degrees off.
The use of poka yoke was implemented into our new production line at the sub-assembly level.
002" shims as is necessary, I'll put them in the bottom of the cylinder yoke bore where the yoke bears and try the cylinder.