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Since zero is the lowest value of an unsigned binary integer, which is one of the most fundamental types in programming and hardware design, it is often natural to count from zero rather than one, especially when the integer is actually an index, as in hardware addressing or C and Lisp's 0-based indexing of arrays.

Hackers and computer scientists often like to call the first chapter of a publication "Chapter 0", especially if it is of an introductory nature (one of the classic instances was in the First Edition of K&R). In recent years this trait has also been observed among many pure mathematicians (who have an independent tradition of numbering from 0).

Zero-based numbering tends to reduce fencepost errors, though it cannot eliminate them entirely.

Logically, the next item after the zeroth should be the "oneth" but this is never used.
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Using only the zeroth order of the Fourier series, the system can be approximated by a set of nonlinear autonomous DDEs.
0] Zeroth moment of aPP live polymer (mol/L) [[lambda].
The Zeroth project has initially focused on robotics applications because the way robots can interact with the real world provides broader lessons about how the brain learns--lessons that can then be applied in smartphones and other products.
The total energy of each system does not change and the zeroth law is not violated.
Solutions of the zeroth order equations (10) using boundary conditions (12) are
f] is the area of foreground and m00 is the zeroth order moment of foreground image.
Mathematically the value of y(t) at any finite order of approximation is dependent upon the auxiliary parameter h, because the zeroth and high order deformation equations contain h.
The decomposition method usually identifies the zeroth components u 0 (x) as the function g ( x) .
The expressions for the zeroth order velocity profiles for the fluid and the particulate phase are therefore given as
To measure these performances, the test rig for zeroth prototype was used again, and the experimental uncertainty for measuring expander efficiency was [+ or -]1.
This paper, therefore, moves away from traditional levels of discourse, going beyond notions of narrator, author, and reader, and instead looks for the voice created through this collective assemblage: a zeroth voice, a term inspired by the zeroth law of thermodynamics, the most fundamental of the four laws, albeit developed last.
Figure 4(a) shows the projection of correlation matrix obtained by PCA, first principal components (PC1) versus zeroth principal components (PC0).