Zirconium Oxide

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zirconium oxide

[‚zər′kō·nē·əm ′äk‚sīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
ZrO2 A toxic, heavy white powder that is insoluble in water, soluble in mineral acids; melts at 2700°C; used in ceramic glazes, special glasses, and medicine, and to make piezoelectric crystals. Also known as zirconia; zirconic anhydride; zirconium dioxide.

Zirconium Oxide


(also zirconium dioxide or zirconia), ZrO2, a white crystalline compound, with a melting point of 2900°C. Zirconium oxide is insoluble in water, organic solvents, and the solutions of most acids, alkalies, and salts. It is soluble in hydrofluoric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, and molten glass. It has amphoteric properties. In nature, it exists as the mineral baddeleyite.

Zirconium oxide is produced in industry by roasting zirconium sulfates or zirconium chlorides. Synthetic crystals of zirconium oxide have been produced (called fianites), which are stabilized by calcium oxide, yttrium oxide, and the oxides of other rareearth elements. More than 50 percent of the zirconium oxide obtained is used in the production of zirconium refractories, ceramics, enamels, and glass; zirconium oxide also serves as a starting material for the production of zirconium.


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To grow the single crystals, the researchers put a mixture of zirconium oxide and tungsten oxide powders in a crucible and cover it with a layer of pure tungsten oxide.
By carrying out studies on various parameters in order to overcome the disadvantages of polyoxometalates (POM), the researchers succeeded in the synthesis of polyoxometalate / zirconium oxide nanocomposite.
The beads have a magnetite core and a ceramic zirconium oxide coating and are designed for the immunomagnetic separation of target bacteria from enrichment cultures.
Avalon's Hydrometallurgical Plant will produce four (4) saleable products in hydrated oxide form - a total rare earth oxide, a zirconium oxide, a niobium oxide and a tantalum oxide.
Ceramic powder, consisting of over 90 % zirconium oxide, is first mixed with a polymer to give it the characteristics required for injection moulding of the middle.
Ceramic powder, consisting of over 90 per cent zirconium oxide, is first mixed with a polymer to give it the characteristics required for injection moulding of the middle.
Two types of blades debut: a white blade, made of zirconium oxide, and a black blade, made of zirconium carbide.
Topics of the 20 articles in the 2006 edition include creating natural esthetics with CAD/CAM, fluorescence of composite resins, the application of zirconium oxide frameworks for implant superstructures, and alternative designs in implant-retained maxillary overdentures.
Those were the first oxide cathodes of electric arc, in which zirconium oxide was used as cathode.
2 gm/cc) rare cart stabilized Zirconium Oxide ceramic micro-macro milling media, which are excellent for speedy, wet microfine milling and dispersion of high viscous (15K to 50K CPS) formulations in vertical & horizontal type high & low speed bead mills, attritor mills, vibro energy mills and ball mills.
Periurethral injections of Durasphere beads, made of carbon-coated zirconium oxide by Carbon Medical Technologies, subsequently gained a footing as an alternative to collagen injections because the beads are non-absorbable.