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The country code for Venezuela.
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The equivalent air speed (EAS).
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(1) (Ve) See voltage.

(2) (Virtual Environment) See OS virtualization.
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JUST because I didn''t attend the double funeral of Rod Hull and Emu doesn''t mean that I''ve forgotten about his sad passing.
I''ve been pushing his corner for a long time that he is up there with the best in the world.
"As always, they''ve been looking after me and giving me their support and confidence, saying they want me back at Liverpool.
We''ve had a lot of graduates emailing us with their CVs, but they''re often institutionalised while at university and work becomes a culture shock.
There''s only so much you can do with gym work and we''ve tried to find different places to train and prepare the players as best we can.
IESTY AI''''m not a massive live music fan, but the best gig I''''ve been to was Eminem at the Milton Keynes Bowl.
I''ve been here once before and loved it but it''s great to be at We m b l e y.
One of the best stories I''''ve seen in a while @emparry19 Saving Mr.
On fields of blood in days gone by Where heroes lived, fought and died To keep their loved ones safe and free Protecting our land from the enemy Bloody conflict and terrible sights Would haunt them in their dreams at night Blood curdling screams the bang of a gun They all stood their ground everyone Now these fields lie lush and green Hiding the secrets and horrors they''ve seen Remembrance, respect the least they deserve The brave and the fallen whose country they serve They fought and died so we''d be free, For freedom of speech in our own country.
I''ve flown with them four times in the last three weeks.