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(organic chemistry)
In stereochemistry, on the opposite side of a reference plane; for example, the stereochemical outcome of an addition reaction where the new bonds are on the opposite side of the original pi bond is called anti addition.


G-LOCclick for a larger image
Relationship between acceleration and time at maximum G required to produce symptoms of gray out and black out.
A g-induced (centrifugal acceleration) loss of consciousness. A condition that occurs when the g loading is above 5 or 6 continuously for more than 5 to 7 s. Unconsciousness follows because of the temporary stoppage of the blood supply to the brain. However, this phenomenon does not occur if the buildup of g is very rapid only momentarily, as during ejection. The chances of G-LOC can be minimized by use of anti-g suits, anti-g maneuvers, and a higher level of physical fitness. See also anti-g suits.


A piece of clothing worn by combat pilots and astronauts. It exerts pressure on the abdomen and the lower limbs of the aircrew to prevent or retard the flow of blood below the chest when under positive acceleration. This delays the onset of the gray-out or blackout phenomena some pilots may experience. A g-suit increases the gray-out or blackout threshold by 1¼ to 2 g. The same as anti-g suit.