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Denmark: see AalborgAalborg
, city (1992 pop. 114,970), capital of Nordjylland co., N Denmark, on both sides of the Limfjord. It is a major industrial, transportation, and cultural center. Manufactures include cement, machinery, chemicals, liquor, ships, spitirs, and textiles.
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(Aalborg), a city in northern Denmark, in Jutland; located on Limfjorden (Lim Fjord). Capital of Ålborg Amt. Population, including Nørresundby, 155,400(1971). A railroad junction and large seaport, Ålborg manufactures cement, textiles, chemicals, and foods (in particular, spirits and vegetable oils). A major occupation of the inhabitants is fishing. Ålborg is also an important shipbuilding center.


, Ålborg
a city and port in Denmark, in N Jutland. Pop.: 121 549 (2004 est.)
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