Ústí nad Labem

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Ústí nad Labem

Ústí nad Labem (o͞osˈtyē näd läˈbĕm), Ger. Aussig, city (1991 pop. 100,002), NW Czech Republic, in Bohemia, on the Elbe and Bilina rivers and near the German border. It is a river port, railroad hub, and industrial center in a lignite-mining area. The city has chemical, textile, and food-processing industries. Founded in the 13th cent., Ùstí nad Labem was ceded to Germany in 1938 by the Munich Pact but reverted to Czechoslovakia in 1945. In the city are several Gothic and Renaissance churches.
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Ústí Nad Labem


a city in Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic. Located in Northern Bohemia, on the Laba River. Population, 74,000 (1974). Ústí nad Labem, a center of the chemical industry, produces sulfuric acid, fertilizers, and dyes. It also has enterprises of the textile, food-processing, machinebuilding, and printing industries.

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