Äsik Pasa

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Äşik Paşa


Born 1271; died 1332. Turkish poet. Author of the narrative poem Book of the Wandering Stranger (Garip name, written in 1330), a work of mystical-didactic content, in which the teachings of Sufism are expounded. The poem consists of ten chapters unconnected by any one idea. The content of each chapter is determined by its numeration (for example, the first chapter deals with Allah, since he is one, the fifth chapter is about the five senses, the seventh is about the seven planets, and so on). Each chapter is bolstered by appropriate quotations from the Koran. The poem is written in archaic but comprehensible language. Aşik Paşa, also wrote ilyahs (religious hymns) and two shorter poems of a Sufistic-didactic nature.


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