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1. a high hill, esp a bare rocky one
2. Chiefly southwestern Brit a prominent rock or heap of rocks, esp on a hill
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An isolated, rough pinnacle or rocky peak.
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(The Onion Router) The largest implementation of onion routing, which is a method for transmitting data anonymously over the Internet. Run by volunteers, there are approximately a thousand Tor proxy servers on the Internet that provide the routing paths.

Onion Domains
There are tens of thousands of websites on the dark Web that use the high-level .onion domain, and Tor is used to access these sites. See dark Web.

Tor Browsing Bundle
The Browsing Bundle is a modified Firefox Web browser along with connection software for Windows, Mac and Linux. When run, it sets up a connection to the Tor network, and all Web requests are re-routed throughout the network to prevent someone from learning users' locations and which sites they visit. For more information, visit See anonymous Web surfing, onion routing, dark Web and Freenet.
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