.NET Enterprise Server

.NET Enterprise Server

A family of server software from Microsoft that supports Web applications. .NET Enterprise Server was a rebranding of the network version of Windows 2000. As of Windows Server 2003, the .NET branding was dropped. Following are the various products. See .NET Framework.

Windows Server
The Windows operating system for servers.

Application Server
Load balancing, clustering, replication and central management of multiple IIS Web servers.

Commerce Server
Shopping cart capabilities.

Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server
Firewall, Web caching and policy management. Replaced Microsoft Proxy Server.

Exchange Server
An email messaging and collaboration server.

Mobile Information Server
Exchange Server for mobile users.

SQL Server
Microsoft's database management system (DBMS).

BizTalk Server
Application integration based on XML.

Host Integration Server
An extension to SNA server. Provides integration of Windows, AS/400s and mainframes.
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