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(1) (.NET) A software platform for developing applications from Microsoft. See .NET Framework.

(2) (.NETwork) A top-level Internet domain used by carriers, ISPs and other communications-oriented organizations. Both .net and .com domains are sometimes used by the same company. For example, Comcast uses www.comcast.net as a general-purpose news and entertainment portal, while www.comcast.com is used for its products and services. However, the domain is not restricted, and anyone can register a .net domain, even if they have nothing to do with communications. See Internet domain name.
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DataDirect SequeLink's new .NET data providers are written in 100% Managed code and run within the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) for optimised performance and security.
Published by O'Reilly, 'Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET' is available now, priced at USD34.95 (GBP22.02).
"The combination of XScale, Windows CE .NET and the DiskOnChip Millennium Plus presents one of the most advanced and cost-effective solutions available today and reaches one of our key markets: PDAs and smart devices."
Redmond's Exchange Team needed treatment for chronic eyeroll, writing: "We are in the process of validating Exchange Server on the .NET Framework 4.7, but the work is not yet complete".
JNBridgePro connects Java and .NET Framework-based components and applications together with simple-to-use Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins.
Mono Tools for Visual Studio is a commercial solution that enables C# and .NET developers trained in Microsoft Visual Studio to stay within their preferred IDE, and use their existing skills and extensive .NET ecosystem of code, libraries and tools to develop or port applications to Linux, UNIX or Mac OS X.
The .NET languages also have gained the functional programming capabilities popularized in languages such as Objective Caml and Haskall.
In the past, Jadu focused on PHP but as the customer base has grown, it has come under increasing pressure to supply .Net products.
Our .Net product can be used for deposits in multiple accounts at multiple banks.
VB .NET, the designated successor of VB 6, looks more like C++ than traditional Basic, making the move from VB 6 less than ideal--but the move may be worth the effort.
The toolkit consists of a set of .NET 2.0 controls designed for use in ASP .NET AJAX applications as well as WinForms .NET.