Gigabit Ethernet

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Gigabit Ethernet

An Ethernet standard that transmits at 1 gigabit per second. Gigabit Ethernet (GbE, GE) connects PCs and servers in local networks and is commonly employed along with a mix of 10/100 Mbps devices. For example, a 10/100/1000 switch supports all three rates and adjusts to the highest speed between sender and receiver. All new computers and most network devices support Gigabit Ethernet.

GbE transmits full duplex from point to point using Ethernet switches and half duplex in a shared Ethernet hub environment (see CSMA/CD).

IEEE 1000Base-T (802.3ab)
The 1997 standard (IEEE 802.3z) required multimode fiber or shielded copper cables, but two years later, 1000Base-T enabled GbE to run on ordinary Cat 5 copper and be readily used in existing networks. Four wire pairs each transmit 250 Mbps in both directions.

TIA 1000Base-TX
A competing standard created by the TIA that never caught on used simpler electronics but required Cat 6 cabling. However, 1000Base-T is often erroneously labeled 1000Base-TX. See Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

COPPER CABLEEncoding   Cable  RangeStandard     Method     Type  (meters)1000Base-T802.3ab      4D-PAM5  Cat5-UTP  100

   1000Base-TXTIA/EIA-854  4D-PAM5  Cat6-UTP  100

   1000Base-CX802.3z       8B/10B   Cat1-STP   25

   OPTICAL CABLE (8B/10B Encoding)Fiber            ModalDiameter       Bandwidth   Range(microns)      (MHz-km)   (meters)1000Base-SX 802.3z
   62.5 multimode   160        220
   62.5 multimode   200        275
   50 multimode     400        500
   50 multimode     500        550

   62.5 multimode   500        550
   50 multimode     400        500
   50 multimode     500        550
    9 singlemode    ---       5000
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To cope, in the past, as bandwidth requirements grew, network operators had to transition from 1 GbE to 10 GbE networks and then again from 10 GbE to 40 GbE.
Napatech is the leading OEM supplier of multi-port 10 GbE and 1 GbE intelligent adapters for real-time network analysis with over 80,000 Ethernet ports deployed.
By implementing a 10 GbE network with the Fujitsu XG2000, customers are able to increase their network performance and throughput via a single 10 GbE link thus avoiding the cabling challenges of bonding multiple 1 GbE ports together.
Fujitsu's XG 10Gb Ethernet switches provide a return on investment as customers upgrade from 1 GbE to 10 GbE networks," said Joel Hagberg, vice president, marketing and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
10 GbE coexists natively with currently deployed 1 GbE infrastructures.
It uniquely combines the power of multiprocessing with the convenience of using 1 GbE and 10 GbE interfaces on a single blade.
As enterprises roll out 10 GbE to satisfy this increasing demand for bandwidth, they will have both 1 GbE and 10 GbE present in their network.
What is the more cost effective solution -- aggregate 1 GbE links or upgrade to 10 GbE?
E[acute accent]The research reveals that leading factors in determining migration decisions include cost and application performance advantages that 10 GbE can deliver over existing solutions such as trunking 1 GbE links.