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Lotus 1-2-3

A popular spreadsheet for PCs, originally introduced for DOS in 1983. Later ported to many other platforms, including Windows, OS/2 as well as minis and mainframes, Lotus 1-2-3 became part of the IBM Lotus SmartSuite package. In 2013, SmartSuite was discontinued.

Why 1, 2, 3?
The name was chosen because it integrated spreadsheet, database and graphics. Lotus 1-2-3 was the first innovative spreadsheet for the PC and was launched with a huge marketing campaign. Its ability to function like a simple database was unique, and turning data into a chart with a single keystroke was dazzling for its time. The Lotus macros were the first macro language widely used in a spreadsheet. The software was supplemented with LotusScript, a BASIC-like language that supported Notes manipulation. See Lotus menu and Lotus.
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NASHVILLE -- Tri State Distribution, which describes itself as one of the nation's largest manufacturers of prescription packaging, container and marketing technology, has launched 1-2-3 Systems, characterized as a breakthrough prescription packaging system that helps patients to better understand when and how to take their prescriptions.