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Table 8 shows that 1-undecanol and 1-hexadecanol are consistently found at all sampling sites in all seasons whereas 1-dodecanol is not detected at all sampling sites but most of the sites are contaminated with it.
Straw oil components were obviously cleared that spraying with vitamin C gave the highest percentages of 4-terpineol, 2E-decen-1-ol, 1-hexadecanol, acetoxyacetic acid, 3-pentadecyl ester, acetoxyacetic acid, 4pentadecyl ester, 2E-undecenal, and [gamma]-terpinene.
The hydrophobic initiator was prepared through a reaction between ACVA and 1-hexadecanol (C16H29OH) (ACVA16), in accordance with the procedure previously described by Belzung (34).