Ten Thousand Islands

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Ten Thousand Islands,

group of small islands in the Gulf of Mexico, off SW Fla., covered with mangrove forests and surrounded by clam beds. Most of the islands are in Everglades National Park.
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August may be one of the very best months to scratch a grand slam in the 10,000 Islands off your bucket list.
Great areas to concentrate on at this time of year are the creek mouths in Palm Bay, Blackwater, Fakahatchee and the Shark River along with many of the unnamed creeks, rivers and tributaries that flow into the 10,000 islands. All these areas have some freshwater runoff from the seasonal downpours and tarpon simply love these conditions.
Wilderness Inquiry (WI) is offering six-day canoe trips to the 10,000 Islands in southwest Florida.
June fishing in the 10,000 Islands is all about the outside.
Juvenile tarpon are one of the true gems of the 10,000 Islands. As summer thunderstorms dump copious amounts of rain across the region, tarpon will flee the small rivers and creeks in search of more salinity making them more accessible than any other time of year.