Thirty-nine Articles

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Thirty-nine Articles:

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[Lat. credo=I believe], summary of basic doctrines of faith. The following are historically important Christian creeds.

1 The Nicene Creed, beginning, "I believe in one God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and
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The 10 articles mainly deal with the macroeconomic topic of the inequalities resulting from capitalism and globalization.
If you are wondering how the subscription based service will work, a reader will be able to read 10 articles from a publisher before being asked tosubscribe.
In September 2014, Health Affairs featured 10 articles written by WISH authors and contributors.
The 10 articles announced in Mardin serve one and the same purpose as the 10 articles [previously announced] at the [Prime Ministry's office] in Dolmabahce Palace," Bahceli said, in reference to a declaration jointly made last year by the government and a pro-Kurdish party.
The Commission deferred examination of 5 to 10 articles, he reminded.
com from a hard pay wall -- which only subscribers could access -- to a metered site, where users can see as many as 10 articles per month before being asked to subscribe.
The 10th Yearbook comprises seven general articles on minority issues, reports on specific national and international developments, four book reviews, and 10 articles pertaining to a special focus.
Clicking that link will display (inline) up to a total of 10 articles.
Perspektif Masyarakat dan Budaya Sarawak (Perspective on Sarawak Society and Culture) (2013) edited by Sanib Said, Jayl Langub and Awang Azman Awang Pawi comprises 10 articles contributed by former and present researchers at IEAS to commemorate the Institute's 20th anniversary.
Though he's published more than 10 articles in Chinese, Shunda has published only one article in English as the first author.
Shoura Council Secretary-General Muhammed Al-Ghamdi said the agreement, which comprises 10 articles, details the scope of cooperation in the areas of water resources and production including desalination, water distribution and control of water, distribution network, reducing leaks and waste water treatment and its re-use.
After the budget is voted on, voters will tackle one of the tightest annual town meeting warrants in years, with just 10 articles.