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Thousand Islands,

a group of more than 1,800 islands and 3,000 shoals in the St. Lawrence River, E of Lake Ontario, N N.Y. and S Ont., stretching c.50 mi (80 km) along the U.S.-Canada line. Most of the islands are in Canada; Wolfe Island, Ont. (48 sq mi/124 sq km), is the largest. The islands are part of a belt of metamorphic rock connecting the Adirondack Mts. and the Canadian Shield; they were formed at the end of the Ice Age, when the St. Lawrence River became the chief outlet of the Great Lakes. The forested region is a popular summer resort; many of the islands are privately owned, and some have castles built by former wealthy owners. There are numerous parks on the islands, including Canada's St. Lawrence Islands National Park. The five-span Thousand Islands Bridge and highway (7 mi/11 km long; opened 1938) between the New York and Ontario mainlands crosses several islands and channels.
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Lawrence River, especially near the 1000 Islands Bridge.
That is until this year when, from 02 to 05 June, branch members welcomed delegates and guests from across Canada to Brockville in the 1000 Islands region of Eastern Ontario for Conference 2011 with the theme "Catch the Spirit of our Loyalist ancestors who settled on the north shore of the upper St.
When Myrtle and I were returning from Adophustown after Conference 2009, we were of course discussing the potential events for Conference 2011 and the first topic that came to mind was a dinner cruise through the 1000 Islands. Being from this area, Myrtle and I had been on cruises before and we knew visitors, especially those who had never been to this region, would love to see the absolutely breathtaking beauty of the 1000 Islands, one of the premier tourism destinations in North America.
Lawrence River and beautiful 1000 Islands. NOTE: Registration starts on 01 January 2011.
Tim is currently working as the curator of the Arthur Child Heritage Museum of the 1000 Islands, focusing mainly on the restoring and the presenting of the collections belonging to the now-closed Gananoque Museum.
In 2003 the bateau Black Snake was purchased from the 1000 Islands River Heritage Society.