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"By integrating a 100G Ethernet NIC, hardware acceleration for storage, NVMeoF, and eight high performance 3GHz A72 cores, our BCM58800 establishes a new level of storage scalability and performance for IOPS- intensive, low latency applications in AIC's J2024-04 platform."
The result is a complete fabric test environment for 25G, 50G, and 100G Ethernet and 32G/128G Fibre Channel interconnections.
Each lane is independent and supports a broad range of frequencies compatible with 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G Ethernet and OTN standards.
NTT Com recently broke new ground when it became the first carrier to deploy 100G Ethernet technologies on its PC-1 subsea cable system a 21,000km network linking Japan with the US.
AFOP earned the award based on its support in the delivery of innovative optical technology to Huawei, including its industry leading free space optical mux/demux solutions for 40G and 100G Ethernet applications.
"The demand for bandwidth is driving new standards and applications such as 100G Ethernet, 400G Ethernet, OIF-CEI VSR, and coherent optical communications," said Brian Reich, general manager, performance oscilloscopes at Tektronix.
In "Opportunities in the Supply Chain for High-Speed Electronics, 2012-2018," Research and Markets notes that, in network infrastructure, systems supporting 100G Ethernet arc emerging, and serial transmission rates are more than doubling from 10Gbps to >20Gbps.
2013 will see an increase in these trends with 100G Ethernet emerging.
Features like 100G Ethernet and scaling down the footprint of the high-end, 13-slot Catalyst 6513 are "obvious" enhancements, Soderbery said.
Last year's event broke all records, with nearly 900 leading industry executives taking part, covering topics including 40G and 100G Ethernet, Optical Network Agility and the role of optical communications in Green Telecoms and Mass Market Broadband Fibre Access.
In the IEEE802.3ba framework, the 100G Ethernet is a parallel 10 x 10.3G physical interface (CAUI) from the 100GE PCS.