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An Ethernet network cabling specification operating at ten Mbps, "baseband" (as opposed to radio frequency), and with a maximum single cable length of 500 metres. This is normally carried on RG8 cable.

Compare 10base2, 10baseT.


The original IEEE 10 Mbps Ethernet standard which used a bus topology comprising a thick coaxial cable. Network nodes attached via an "AUI interface" to transceivers that tapped into the bus. Also called "thick Ethernet," "ThickWire" and "ThickNet," 10Base5 had a distance limit of 1,640 feet without repeaters. See 10Base2, 10Base-T, Ethernet and CSMA/CD.

10Base5 "Thick" Ethernet
The first Ethernet used a bus topology, which was a common coaxial cable that ran by every node. Transceivers, which connected to the nodes via 15-pin AUI sockets, typically used a "vampire" tap to "bite" into the coax bus.
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Providing support for 10Base-2, 10Base-5, & 10Base-T, the 16- port (RJ45) PSM-HUB is loaded with features such as: LEDs indicating individual port status and network activity, a switchable port for cascading hubs, BNC and AUI ports for thin & thick Ethernet support; and automatic features for port link integrity testing, polarity correction, as well as auto port partitioning & reconnection.
It supports the following media: 10Base-T, 10Base-2, 10Base-5, 10Base-FL, 100Base-Tx and 100Base-Fx.
AT-2450T AT-1500T Plug and Play for 10Base-T -- AT-2450BT AT-1500BT Plug and Play for 10Base-T and 10Base-2 -- AT-2450AT AT-1500FT Plug and Play for 10Base-T and 10Base-5 -- AT-2450FT AT-1500AT Plug and Play for 10Base-T and 10Base-FL
6104M-MOD ONCore EtherFlex Media Module Motherboard $1,495 Immediate 6103D-AUIM 10BASE-5 Male EtherFlex I/O Card $ 895 Immediate 6104D-TPP 10BASE-T EtherFlex I/O Card $ 645 Immediate 6102D-FIB 10BASE-FB/FL EtherFlex I/O Card $ 795 30 Days 6136M-TPCL ONcore 36-Port 10BASE-T Media Module $3,895 Immediate
To address wiring closet applications, Cabletron has unveiled three additional modules for the company's MMAC-Plus Enterprise Switch Platform; 12 and 36 port fiber optic Ethernet MicroLAN switches (9E138-12/9E138-36) and a six port Ethernet switch (9E106-06) featuring modular Ethernet Port Interface Modules (EPIMs) for connectivity in 10BASE-T twisted pair, 10BASE-FL fiber optic, or 10BASE-2 and 10BASE-5 coaxial environments.
LAN interfaces for netXpand SoHo are provided through one port for either 10Base-T (twisted pair RJ 45) or 10Base-5 (thickwire AUI) configuration.
Ideal for small offices or single users desiring Internet access, the Danube features either a single autosensing Ethernet connector which allows connectivity to 10BASE-T or 10BASE-5 networks, or an integrated 8-port 10BaseT hub.