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Conclusion: The accuracy of 12 leads ECG for detection of posterior MI was 55% after confirmation with 15 leads and there was no age and gender difference in its accuracy.
Key Words: Myocardial infarction (MI), 12 leads ECG, 15 leads ECGINTRODUCTION
The text size is similar to that of a 12 lead ECG making the interpretation of the strips seem real.
While the technology has undoubtedly advanced significantly since then, these 12 leads have in many ways stood the test of time, been the subject of much research and proved an invaluable aid to the physician and cardiologist among many other health professionals.
1 Should acquire simultaneous 12 lead ECG for both adult and paediatric patients.
9 Should have report formats of 3 x4; 6 x2, Rhythm for up to 12 selected leads; 12 Lead Extended measurements, 1 minute of continuous waveform data for 1 selected lead.
However, it is not uncommon for medical-surgical nurses to have fewer than 12 leads available in the ECG monitoring system on their unit.