September 13

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September 13


Århus Festival (Nine days beginning first Saturday in September) Sep 13, 2013; Sep 13, 2014; Sep 13, 2015; Sep 13, 2019; Sep 13, 2020

Chung Yeung (September-October; ninth day of ninth lunar month) Sep 13, 2013

Eastern States Exposition (September, starts the second Friday after Labor Day)

Festa da Serreta (September 8-15)

Grandparents' Day (September, first Sunday after Labor Day) Sep 13, 2015; Sep 13, 2020

Knabenschiessen (Second weekend in September) Sep 13, 2014; Sep 13, 2015; Sep 13, 2020

National Bilby Day (Second Sunday of September) Sep 13, 2015; Sep 13, 2020

Roman Games (September 4-19)

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On the 13th of September, while a joint operation between the armed forces and the police was chasing terrorist elements at the oasis region in Western Sahara, they mistakenly attacked a group of pickup trucks.
The Survey now closes on the 13th of September 2015.
When asked if she had any recollection of anything being out of the ordinary on Friday, 13th of September 2013 - the day Elaine's body was found, Mrs Dwyer said: "No.
I was prevented from travelling to Addis Ababa by an Immigration officer at Juba airport on the 13th of September 2014, who said clearly that he was acting on the orders of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs.
Having launched the first ever Concept Football Clinic successfully at Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka on the 13th of September 2014, the team plans to run workshops in various schools in Dwarka in the coming days.
Service at Llanfachreth Church on Saturday 13th of September at 10am.
On the 13th of September 2013, the Ministry of Finance received a recommendation from the Council of Ethics to exclude the company Sesa Sterlite from the GPFG.
She added: "On the 11th of September I represented my country in London at the world aquathlon championships and came 18th out of 44 other competitors in my age group, then on the 13th of September I raced the triathlon in Hyde Park coming 33rd out of 92.
In fact, Cutting Edge's haunting season began this year on Friday, the 13th of September with an over the top, opening night extravaganza of live entertainment, zombie marching bands and a huge, raucous tailgate party in the parking lot.
Richards saw the bottle while strolling along the Largs Bay Beach with her brother on the 13th of September 2012.
In this regard, the Israeli Central Court issued a decision on the 13th of September 2012, which gives settlers ownership of the Al-Rajabi family building located in Al-Ras area in the Old City of Hebron.
The details of what is required for 2012 races were outlined at the Boat Owners forum on the 13th of September and the Sailing office will be keeping all affected competitors well briefed.