February 14

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1913 14 FEBRUARY Hallmark sold their first ever Valentine's Day card.
However, in early 2013 the authorities second-guessed the tactic of hiding behind the "Coalition" brand; by taking action against the most militant elements of the opposition, laying charges against 50 figures, who they designated as being part of this 14 February "terrorist group".
At the time of the 14 February protests in Bahrain, a number of names started appearing for various relatively unknown groups associated with the protest movement, such as February 14 Youth; February 14 Clerics; February 14 Media Centre; February 14 Martyrs; Youth of Martyrs Square; and 14 February Youth Movement.
Tickets in the 'PDXTRA' sale are available now and must be purchased by 14 February.
All of these cash distributions will be paid on 14 February 2018 to unitholders of record as of 2 February 2018.
A1 Coquet Bridge to Denton Burn Interchange 17 February 8 April 8pm to 6am (excluding 14 February and 28 March)
15 February 2013 a[euro]" Indian pharmaceuticals firm Dr Reddya[euro](tm)s Laboratories Ltd (BOM:500124) said it bought on 14 February a total of 70,760 shares in Dutch takeover target OctoPlus NV (AMS:OCTO) at a volume weighed average price of EUR0.
Customers holding reservations for travel to, from or through affected locations today will have the change fee and difference in fare waived, provided they rebook their travel plans before the date and time of their original reservation and travel on or before 14 February 2011.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 22, 2018-Cross Timbers Royalty sets distribution payment date of 14 February 2018