February 15

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February 15


Anthony Day (February 15; August 26)

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week (Third week in February) Feb 15, 2015

Festival Sundiata (Third weekend in February) Feb 15, 2014; Feb 15, 2020

Kamakura Matsuri (February 15-17)

Nombre de Jesús (February 1-15)

Ox Cart Festival (Second weekend of February) Feb 15, 2015

Legal Holidays by Countries

Liberation DayAfghanistan
National DaySerbia

Legal Holidays in United States

Presidents' DayUnited States (federal), West Virginia
Washington and Jefferson's BirthdaysAlabama
Washington's BirthdayCalifornia, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New York
Washington's Birthday and Daisy Gatson Bates DayArkansas
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The responsibility of PIOM to send by email semiannual reports, by 15 February and by 15 July, to employers who are then obliged to forward them to their employees also remains.
A misdemeanour court decided Saturday to postpone the trial of steel monopolist and former National Democratic Party secretary-general Ahmed Ezz on charges of tax evasion to 15 February.
In honor of 15 February, Serbia's Statehood and Army Day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Republic of Macedonia, H.
announcement on 15 February 2013 in relation to the proposed merger with
413/MMBtu on Friday, 15 February, marking the highest Asian spot LNG assessment recorded by ICIS.
Astrophysics researcher Ali Majeed Al-Hijri pointed out that (DA142012) can be seen by means of medium- and large-sized telescopes when the small planet passes over the earth's clear skies on Friday 15 February starting from 09:00 (local time) on Friday evening pm until 12:30 am (local time) on Saturday morning.
The National Council of Afghanistan War Veterans on February 15 arranged prayers and requiem ceremonies in the Central Mosque of Bishkek and the Orthodox Church on occasion of the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan on 15 February 1989 and to commemorate all those who died in that war.
From 15 February 2012 twice weekly services are scheduled to operate through to 14 April 2012.
com)-- C H Seymour Limited, the electrical retailer in East Sussex, was placed into liquidation on 15 February 2011, having ceased trading on 28 January 2011.
TERMS 1) Lines close 10am Tuesday 15 February 2011.
PESHAWAR, February 13, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Due to necessary maintenance work, power supply will remain suspended from 132 KV Sakhi Chashma Grid Station on 13, 14, 15 February from 08:00 am to 03:00 pm affecting consumers of 11 KV Scarp-2 Pajagi, Opazi feeders.