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The finished product, called "1581", was the result of four years of planning by the White Castle vineyard, near Abergavenny.
(1.52 ram), meet UL 1581 WV-1 and 1061 flammability tests without dripping, and have limiting oxygen indices in the 28-32% range (compared with 22-26% for conventional flame-retardant TPEs used in wire and cable).
But the earlier failure of SB 1581, which put a behind-closed-doors conference committee in charge of any decisions about how to distribute $4 billion in cuts in state funding across school districts, was a dramatic warning of just how much further lawmakers had to go to find consensus on what they repeatedly called the "second most important bill" of the session.
"Indeed, we have repeatedly held that subsection (I)(4) 'may not be invoked when jurisdiction under another subsection of Section 1581 is, or could have been, available, unless the remedy provided under that other subsection would be manifestly inadequate.' [Cite].
These transformer oil SRMs have been developed to replace SRM 1581, PCBs in Oil, [2] which is no longer available.
Dance history classes usually concentrate on the development of ballet and modern dance, roughly a history from 1581 to the present.
The Venetian public theaters were first mentioned by Francesco Sansovino in 1581 in his Venetia citta nobilissima et singolare.
Braga's officials made such pronouncements in 1573, 1574, 1580, and 1581, and warned that failure to comply with this order would result in fines of 500 (16) an indication that was not automatic.
At Padua in 1581 Crichton enhanced his reputation in two debates, and Manutius paid tribute to his successes in his dedication for his own edition of Paradoxa (1581) by Cicero.
Principal campaigns: Ashina (1576); Defense against the Hojo (1581); Hojo-Date campaign (1585).
After postponing the debate yesterday so that budget negotiations could proceed, the Texas House will sort through a grab-bag of proposed amendments to Senate Bills 1811 and 1581 today - two pieces of legislation critical to passing a budget before the end of the regular session.
It is said to meet flame test requirements specified in UL 94 V-0 for thicknesses of 0.06" (1.5 mm), passes the VW-1 vertical flame test per Method 1080 per UL 1581 as both insulation and jacket, has an oxygen index of 28%, and is said to exhibit no dripping when burned.