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Many of the artist's broader projects were thus represented here through the medium, including On Tropical Nature, 1991; Library for the Birds of Antwerp, 1993; The Great Munich Bug Hunt, 1993; Excavation, Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, 2000/2001; and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 2004.
And while the movement has several key leaders, the party's host, it appears more and more, is sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, with the occasional stop for a dinner date in New York City or a ball game in Saint Louis.
Whether he's busy at 1201 16th Street or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Association's mission is ever-present in his daily life as he represents the interests of 3.2 million educators.
"From the beginning I said Obama isn't going to work, because he's inside there," she hisses, pointing to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Contemporary food activists are defining urban agriculture more broadly, looking for ways to harvest fruits and veggies almost anywhere a seed will take root, from tiny backyards to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Bush--honed his skills as an apolitical information officer in the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Treasury Department before moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
With all the recent media coverage focused on the election, now would be an ideal time to ride the coattails of famed 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but that's not what prompted retailer Jeff Christian of White House Home Center to rebuild his store into a replica of the White House.
There is no denying that the hopes of a nation, if not the free world in its entirety, are being invested in this young man but I don't think anyone is really expecting him to turn things around minutes after he closes the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue behind him for the very first time.
My future job will be much different, depending on which person moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Wine has a long history at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
He knows change does not come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or Capitol Hill, Gore wrote, referring to the White House and congress.
Two years after he became a famous, or infamous, White House correspondent, Jeff Gannon is back with a book excoriating his former colleagues, and recounting his days of reporting "behind enemy lines" at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.