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rack mounted

Built into a cabinet that has a standard width of 19" or 24". The height of a rack-mounted device is specified in units or rack units (U or RU), and 1U or 1RU is 1.75" from top to bottom.

All types of electronics and computing devices come in rack-mounted packages, including servers, test instruments, telecommunications components, storage drives and A/V equipment, which are bolted to the side frames of the rack. Shelves are available for equipment that is not rack mounted. See blade server.

Rack Mount Cabinet
This shows the variety of shelves available for AMCO 19" rack mount cabinets. A host of accessories, including side and rear panels, doors, locks and fans are available. (Image courtesy of AMCO Engineering Company.)

One, Two and Three Rack Units
Each rack unit (U) is 1.75" thick from top to bottom.

A Rack of Betacams
In datacenters and professional studios around the world, equipment is routinely rack mounted. These Betacam videotape recorders were in a TV studio, and each Betacam recorder took 5U of rack space.
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R&M outfitted the airport's data center with the Netscale solutions, which is the fiber-optic management platform with the world's highest connection density of up to 120 ports per rack unit in a 19-inch rack. The R&MinteliPhy digital management and monitoring system was also installed.
The compact LDM design for the 19-inch rack enables LDMblue lasers to be integrated easily in a space-saving manner into all common production plants.
The device is 3U high and can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack.
The BGE9200 also includes PTP and NTP support for wall clock synchronization, 12G-SDI/Quad 3G-SDI/3G-SDI/HD-SDI sources, robust 24/7 continuous operation, a 50,000 hour operational guarantee (meantime between failures), and comes in a 4U 19-inch rack mountable cabinet with a redundant power supply.
The RPS fits in a standard 19-inch rack and takes heat, depth, noise, weight, service points, and electrical outlets away from the video wall and into a well-ventilated rack room.
From an email chain among a group of technical editors, the following questions recently arose: Why does the idea of mounting electronics in a 19-inch rack persist?
Compliant with restriction of hazardous substance (RoHS) standards, GN 423 aluminum rack handles may now be ordered in metric sizes, with dimensions that accommodate 19-inch rack and enclosure layouts.
single height unit in a 19-inch rack and as many as 288 fibres in three height
The enclosure provides 2.8 times greater density compared to the current sixteen-drive enclosure, enabling a 480TB system to reside within a standard 19-inch rack. The increased density reduces power consumption by more than 30 percent and floor space by more than 65 percent.