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rack mounted

Built into a cabinet that has a standard width of 19" or 24". All types of electronics and computing devices come in rack-mounted packages, including servers, test instruments, telecommunications components, tape drives and audio and video equipment. The units are bolted to the side frames. If equipment is not rack mountable, it can be placed on shelves. The height of a rack-mounted device is specified in a unit (U) measure or rack unit (RU). 1U (or 1RU) is 1.75" from top to bottom. See blade server.

Rack Mount Cabinet
This is a sales brochure picture showing the variety of shelves available for 19" rack mount cabinets. Side and rear panels, doors, locks, fans and a host of other accessories are also offered. (Image courtesy of AMCO Engineering Company.)

One, Two and Three Rack Units
Each rack unit (U) is 1.75" thick from top to bottom.

A Rack of Betacams
In datacenters and professional studios around the world, equipment is routinely rack mounted. These Betacam videotape recorders are in a TV studio with rooms full of equipment. Each Betacam recorder takes 5U of vertical rack space.
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From an email chain among a group of technical editors, the following questions recently arose: Why does the idea of mounting electronics in a 19-inch rack persist?
Provide a single, 2-post, 19-inch rack in IDF (Telecomm Room) area.
The company's flyer says it provides more than 100 standard configurations with the following details--six sizes ranging from 10-20 inches; resistive and NFI capacitive touch screen; panel and 19-inch rack mount; standard and stainless front; NEMA 4/12/4X and Class I, Division 2 available.
The 19-inch rack mount flat panel LCD from Three-Five Systems is a rugged display platform with a large viewable area that is suitable for industrial automation, process control, aerospace, medical diagnostics and defense monitoring applications.
The FS300 is compact, in that it occupies only one-half the width of a standard 19-inch rack and is just three standard units high.
According to Einux, this allows for up to 80 ClusterArray servers nodes to be racked in a standard 19-inch rack.
The Mid-Sized Library has the smallest footprint in the industry among competitive models and is available in a stand-alone unit or as a 19-inch rack mountable library.
Designed for standard mid-range and high-end rack-mounted servers, the k rack kits comprise a 19-inch rack with HP SureStore rack-optimised DAT and DLT k drives as well as power supply and fan, in either a 2 or 3 EIA unit.
The AXIS 291 1U is a cost-effective, 19-inch rack with 1U height that provides connectors for network, serial ports and input/output (I/O) at the rear of each slot.
The REF615R was designed to offer an easy, quick and affordable way to upgrade ABB s DPU2000R relay along with providing a 19-inch rack mount version of the REF615 feeder IED.
The Scalar 100 AIT offers from 2 to 8 AIT drives and from 24 to 96 cartridge positions in a chassis that takes up only 14 vertical units in standard 19-inch rack mount systems.
Such orders-of-magnitude scalability, from gigabytes to terabytes, protects initial storage investments and allows for easy migration to higher-capacity, standard 19-inch rack configurations.