Easter Rising

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Easter Rising


(in Russian, Irish Rebellion of 1916), a national liberation uprising (April 24–30) against domination by English imperialists. The direct causes of the rising were the dissatisfaction of the masses with the delay in implementing the Home Rule Act of 1914 and the act’s half measures, repressions against members of the national movement, and the new burdens put on the Irish workers as a result of Great Britain’s participation in World War I (1914–18).

The most active role in the rising was played by the Irish working class and its armed organization, the Irish Citizen Army, headed by J. Connolly. Representatives of the petite bourgeoisie and intelligentsia also took part in the rising.

Dublin was the main arena of the rising, and it was there that the rebels proclaimed an Irish republic on April 24 and formed a provisional government. There also were local outbreaks in Dublin and the adjacent counties, in the towns of Enniscorthy (County Wexford) and Athenry (County Galway), and in several other places.

After six days of fighting, the rising was suppressed with exceptional severity. Nearly all the leaders of the rebellion were shot, among them the gravely wounded Connolly. The rank-and-file rebels were exiled from the country. Despite the defeat, the Easter Rising contributed to the development of the national liberation struggle in Ireland.


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Easter Rising

unsuccessful Irish revolt against British (1916). [Irish Hist.: EB, III: 760–761]
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