October Revolution

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October Revolution,

1917, in Russian history: see Russian RevolutionRussian Revolution,
violent upheaval in Russia in 1917 that overthrew the czarist government. Causes

The revolution was the culmination of a long period of repression and unrest.
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What do we learn about the 1917 revolution through the visual sources that you have chosen for the exhibit?
That which the 1917 revolution unleashed across the world had, by the 1990s, been so spectacularly incapable of achieving its goals that it could not even survive up to the end of the century.
In rare comments on the subject ahead of the centenary, Putin made clear he thought it would have been better if the 1917 Revolution had never happened, and that he believed there was nothing to celebrate.
Lenin and the 1917 revolution were therefore perfectly legitimate in a Russian context but could not possibly provide a universal model applicable to every country.
Many of the elite in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg now assert, "The real aim of the 1917 revolution was to eliminate the Russian elite, and Germany allowed the Bolsheviks to succeed in order to see Russia collapse.
They were all shot the year after the 1917 revolution.
In Russia's 1917 revolution, Lenin's communists succeeded in defeating all potential rivals.
Doctor Zhivago'' is the tale of five intertwined lovers set during final days of Czarist Russia and the 1917 Revolution.
The daughter of a Russian father and an English mother, Dame Helen's paternal Russian family, exiled after the 1917 revolution, also knew what it felt like to leave everything behind.
Moreover, the socialist ideology that prevailed in the 1917 revolution did not originate in Russia but in Germany.
He barely mentions the 1917 revolution and explains the later shift from the Bolshevik New Economic Policy to the Stalinist Five Year Plans by pointing to low GDP and competition with other states that resulted in collectivization and the push for industrial growth.