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These keys and functional dependencies are used by the classifier along with the decision tree to classify whether the corresponding answer written by the answer belongs to 1NF, 2NF, 3NF or BCNF.
Suppose we want to normalize the 1NF relation ClientRental up to INF.
Bent Nielsen is at Nuffield College, Oxford OX1 1NF, UK.
Nuffield College, University of Oxford, OX1 1NF, UK and IZA, Bonn, Germany (Received 14 May 2009;final version received 3 May 2010)
A 1nF capacitor is necessary in order to bypass this pin to VSS.
DESIGNATOR 18 1nF 0603 1 C101 47 Screw M3 x 8 2 for J6 48 Nut M3 2 for J6 NR TYPE MANUFACTURER COMMENT 18 NPO or X7R 47 48
The Gleneagles Hotel Auchterarder Perthshire, PH3 1NF Scotland www.gleneagles.com 866.463.8734
For the excitation of the sonotrode two piezo-ceramic rings (38x20x8mm Ag, measured capacity 1nF per ring) were implemented.
June 29 CIMA Biz.Net: career planning Venue: Castle Hotel, Castle Green, Taunton TA1 1NF Time: 6.15 for 7pm Cost: 15 [pounds sterling] members/students, 25 [pounds sterling] guests (buffet on arrival) Contact: see note at top of p54
Anyone wanting to sponsor Andy can send a cheque payable to Cancer Research UK to Andy Cook, 6 The Green, Saltburn, TS12 1NF. He can also be contacted on 07720 442054 or donations can be made on his web page: www.bmycharity.com/pinksaharaandy