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My motorbike back home in Secunderabad (a twin city of Hyderabad where the Kohinoor Diamond in Queen Elizabeth's Crown originated, and which India now wants to bring back home) was made in the Czech Republic and was called Jawa, and had a modest 250cc 2-stroke engine.
and 300, this direct injected 2-stroke engine has many industry firsts incorporated into its engineering.
Wartsila's decision to exit the JV follows an agreement with another Chinese sector player, China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), to set up a new JV that will assume the Finnish company's 2-stroke engine business.
9 liter tank with unleaded gasoline, add the proper 2-stroke engine oil, pull the recoil starter cord, and off you go.
While the absence of a technological breakthrough on the conventional 2-stroke engine and its high pollution potential, it is for consideration that Government considers the phasing out of two-stroke two and three wheelers.
The Transport Minister made it clear to the representatives of rickshaws union that in keeping with the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, no rickshaw having 2-stroke engine would be allowed on the roads.
However, our enquiry led to the juncture where we could resolve to look into the implications of banning 2-stroke engine auto rickshaws on the following lines:
It was the first snowmobile to use a 2-stroke engine, the first to use rubber track (replacing chain track), the first successful front-engine machine and the first significant use of fiberglass.
Cameron has developed the oxidizing catalytic converter for the AJAX LE 2-stroke engine, lowering carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and VOC emissions for long-term emission removal efficiencies.
The Grail Engine Technologies' Grail 2-stroke engine design uses Pulstar pulse plugs.
2001) Consultant, Environment Team WB Dhaka Office Reducing Emission From 3-Wheeler 2-Stroke Engine Taxis in Dhaka, Bangladesh.