December 20

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December 20


Advent (Sunday nearest November 30 through December 24)
Celebrated in: Germany

Carriacou Parang Festival (Weekend before Christmas, December 25) Dec 20, 2014; Dec 20, 2015; Dec 20, 2020

Halcyon Days (December 14-28)

Misa de Gallo (December 16-24)

Posadas (December 16-24)

Saturnalia (December 17-23)
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Australian farmers will now benefit from the significant opportunities created by the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), with the landmark trade agreement entering into force on 20 December 2015.
allotted from its block listing authority of 20 December 2013 33,655 new
NNA - The Head of Defence Office was seized of a letter from the Pre-Trial Judge, dated 20 December 2013, requesting him to assign counsel to the Accused Hassan Habib Merhi, following the decision of the Trial Chamber of the same day which decided to initiate proceedings in absentia.
The song's shooting will begin on 20 December and will be wrapped up by 24 December.
The panel of judges of the military court considered the request of the military prosecutor's office seeking cancellation of the ruling of the military court of Bishkek garrison of 20 December 2011 for former Chairman of the State National Security Committee Murat Sutalinov.
Democratic Republic 20 December 1988 28 October 2005
On 20 December, Uralkali announced the terms of a friendly takeover bid for Silvinit.
Father Christmas has made sure children can see him at the Nature Centre every weekend from 5 - 20 December.
These fares are available to purchase until midnight (Pacific Daylight time) on Thursday for travel between 2 November and 20 December 2009 and between 24 December and 28 March 2010.
Shares held by the Stichting on 20 December 2005: 65,822,239 Shares held by the Stichting on 21 December 2005: 65,822,239 Movement: 0 Percentage of issued class in Stichting on 21 December 2005: 1.
The report provides estimates of the number of deaths attributable to the smog using several different approaches, which do not include any deaths after 20 December 1952.
ALGARVE: Depart Glasgow on 20 December and spend seven nights self-catering at the three star Santa Eulalia Aparthotel in Praia da Oura area for only pounds 139 per person.