Iraq War

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Iraq War:

see under Persian Gulf WarsPersian Gulf Wars,
two conflicts involving Iraq and U.S.-led coalitions in the late 20th and early 21st cent.

The First Persian Gulf War, also known as the Gulf War, Jan.–Feb.
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People who defended the 2003 Iraq War (myself included) did not accurately predict all the bad things that the invasion would enable, including the prolonged insurgency and the continued inability of the Iraqi leadership to preserve the gains of Saddam Hussein's ouster.
The Kingdom has repeatedly acted in times of crisis - such as the Gulf Crisis of 1990-91, the 2003 Iraq war and market fluctuations of the late 1990s - and covered any drop in oil supplies by increasing its output.
Dempsey said during a conference in Washington organized by " Defense one" that the US strategic in Iraq depends different approach from what it was during the 2003 Iraq war.
The use of hoods in the protest was a reference to an incident from the 2003 Iraq war that outraged many in Turkey when US forces in northern Iraq arrested a group of Turkish soldiers, forced hoods over their heads and held them for three days.
Anglican bishops argued that, given its participation in the destabilizing 2003 Iraq war that opened the door to Islamist extremists, Britain has a responsibility to grant prompt sanctuary to Mosul Christians after militants threatened them with execution, ruinous taxation or forced conversion.
html) said that the Liberal politician should be appreciated for talking about the consequences of the 2003 Iraq war.
ONE key domestic lesson learnt from the 2003 Iraq war is the domestic threat of blow-back and radicalisation.
The House of Commons voted by a majority of 524 to 43 after the main political parties all approved military action saying that "lessons from the past" of the 2003 Iraq war had been learned.
Mr Miliband said that Labour had "learned the lessons" from the 2003 Iraq War, and saw military action as a "last resort".
Spain was among the countries that sent troops at the start of the 2003 Iraq war, though they were pulled out the following year after a change in government.
Tony Blair denies that the 2003 Iraq war is the root cause of the current conflict.
It is a bizarre reading of the cauldron that is the Middle East today, to claim that but for the removal of Saddam, we would not have a crisis" Tony Blair denies the 2003 Iraq war is the root cause of the current Isis terror.