February 21

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February 21


Bok Kai Festival (Usually February or March; second day of second month of Chinese lunar year) Feb 21, 2023

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week (Third week in February)

Fisher Poets Gathering (Three-day weekend in late February) Feb 21, 2014

Washington's Birthday Celebration (Third Monday in February and preceding weekend) Feb 21, 2011; Feb 21, 2022

Legal Holidays by Countries

Fr. Walter Lini DayVanuatu
Shahid DiboshBangladesh

Legal Holidays in United States

Presidents' DayUnited States (federal), West Virginia
Washington and Jefferson's BirthdaysAlabama
Washington's BirthdayCalifornia, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New York
Washington's Birthday and Daisy Gatson Bates DayArkansas
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Thursday 21 February 2013) that 182,316 people had entered the Kingdom of Bahrain during the period between 14-20 February 2013.
11 (Saba)- The EU and its Member states will provide 7 million euros to support the early presidential elections scheduled for 21 February in Yemen.
Summary: An international colloquium on the "development of Saharan agriculture by the use of solar energy and its impact on environment and climate change" will be held on 20- 21 February in GhardaE[macron]a.
announces that on 21 February, 2008 it purchased for cancellation 440,000 "A" Shares at a price of 24.
The airline said that these special fares require a 14-day advance purchase by 21 February 2008, for travel beginning 19 February 2008, through to 25 June 2008 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
On 21 February, a T-45A Goshawk of Training Squadron 22 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.
There are two timetables - one for travel between 21 February and 28 March and one for travel between 29 March and 4 September.
The offer price represents a 21% premium over Airspray's closing share price on 21 February 2006 (corrected for the dividend of EUR 0.
LONDON, February 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Royal Dutch Shell plc announces that on 21 February, 2006 it purchased for cancellation 600,000 "A" Shares at a price of 26.
The ICO also concluded that Alstom has satisfied all of the other conditions of its 21 February 2012 settlement with the World Bank.
March 2014 to members on the register as of 21 February 2014.
Members of the press who wish to attend Skandia's extraordinary general meeting on 21 February 2006 must register with Gunilla Svensson by telephone, +46-8-788 42 97, as soon as possible.