August 21

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August 21


'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Aug 21, 2015; Aug 21, 2020

Three Choirs Festival (Third full week in August)

Woodward Dream Cruise (Third Saturday in August) Aug 21, 2021

Legal Holidays by Countries

Youth's DayMorocco

Legal Holidays in United States

Statehood DayHawaii
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7(h) of the Prospectus published in the Government Gazette of the 21st August 2012 under Government Notice No.
In his opening remarks, the Chairman said Pakistan's response to President Trump's South Asian policy dated 21st August, 2017 has been collective, measured and based on realistic assessment of the situation.
T Start Berths at QICT, FAP, MW-1, LCT and EVTL respectively on Monday, 21st August, while four ships C.
Hazem Atallah -Chief of Palestinian Civil Police met with Interpol General Secretary Mr JE-rgen Stock on Monday 21st August 2017 at the Interpol Headquarters in Lyon, France.
She will visit Uttar Pradesh on 21st August and Bihar on 25th August for discussions on flood related issues with the State Governments.
Funeral service and cremation to take place on Monday 21st August at 2.
45pm Monday 21st August and after at Gibside Hotel, Whickham.
Resting at Caerphilly Funeral Services, Parc Avenue Funeral Home, Crosways, Caerphilly, CF83 3AZ until the funeral service at Thornhill Crematorium (Wenallt Chapel) on Monday 21st August at 1:15pm.
The Funeral service will take place in Charter Chapel, Canley Crematorium on Monday 21st August at 1:45 pm.
Whilst the case was pending in the courts, both brothers came to the temple on 21st August, with more than 5 dozens of thugs, armed with all kinds of local lethal weapons, demolished the temple.
GOD BLESS THE CHILD Date: Running until Sunday 21st August Time: Friday - Saturday 7.
Muscat, Aug 3 (ONA) The Sultanate's delegation left here today heading to Brazil to participate in the 31st Olympic Games, which will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro during 5th till 21st August.