February 22

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The unaudited net asset value for The Throgmorton Trust PLC at close of business on 22 February 2011 was:
Well, according to the US National Archives, the passage of Public Law 90-363 in 1968 moved the traditional observance of Washington's birthday from 22 February to the third Monday in February.
From Sunday 16 February to Thursday 20 February 2014 there will be two shows daily at 9am and 2pm, with shows at 3pm and 7pm on Friday 21 February and 11am and 4pm on Saturday 22 February.
Signing contracts, the fastest investment decisions and investing are on the agenda of the investment meeting, taking place in Abu Dhabi from 20 - 22 February 2013.
The exhibition will be officially opened on 22 February by NAGN director Joseph Madisia at 18:30.
In Egypt the Malak-1 well in West esh el Mellahah Block 2 ("WEEM-2") commenced drilling on Friday 22 February using the ZJ-46, a new-build 2,000 HP rig recently arrived in Egypt, owned and operated by the Shengi-Bohai Drilling Company of China.
As of 22 February, 2008 2,759,360,000 "B" Shares of Royal Dutch Shell plc were in issue.
Irish based economy carrier Ryanair has announced that its website will be unavailable from 22:00 on 22 February until 23:00 on 25 February.
On 22 February, Midgett's crew possibly thwarted a transfer of contraband when they pursued the Mexican-flagged fishing vessel Atun X, which quickly sank as Midgett approached.
Prospective applicants are asked to submit a letter of intent by 22 February 2001, with final applications due 22 March 2001.
LUXEMBOURG -- FY 2012 Financial Results on Friday, 22 February 2013
The countdown to Ragnarok has begun, with just 99 days until the world ends on 22 February next year, Norse experts have said.