August 23

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Iraq-Syria: Iraqi Pledge to Syria Fails to Assuage Fears, 23 August 2007.
2007) 'Despite investor reaction, reducing interest rates may not be the answer', The Australian, 23 August 2007, p.
SPP is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and as at 23 August 2007 had a market capitalisation of Yen29.
The sale fares are available for purchase until 23 August 2007, for travel from 4 September to 18 October 2007.
The closing date for entries is 30 July 2007, and overall winners of each category will be announced at a special evening ceremony on Thursday 23 August 2007 at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland.
Must be taken either Thursday-Thursday or Sunday-Sunday only between 26 July 2007 and 23 August 2007.
Review of the approval of the decision regarding the allocation of Carnegie's profit share system The Extraordinary General Meeting decided that the decision made at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 23 August 2007 regarding the approval of the decision regarding the allocation of the company's profit share system shall remain unchanged.
Southwest Airlines said the fares, which require a 14 day advance purchase by 23 August 2007, are only available through its website at http://www.
TIMETABLE OF EVENTS Date Event 17 August 2007 Court Approval Date for approval of the Scheme 20 August 2007 Effective Date - Court Order lodged with ASIC and announced to ASX 20 August 2007 EvoGenix Shares cease trading on ASX at close of trading 21 August 2007 New Peptech Shares commence trading on ASX on a deferred settlement basis 23 August 2007, Scheme Record Date for determining entitlements to Scheme 7.
The Shareholder Arne Svahn has requested that the resolution passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders held on 23 August 2007 regarding the approval of the decision regarding allocation in Carnegie's profit-sharing system shall be reconsidered.
com/) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its third quarter analyst briefing on an Analysis of African Fixed Line Telecommunications Capital Expenditure on 23 August 2007 at 3pm BST / 4pm CAT.