broadcast address

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broadcast address

An address that enables transmission to every node in a local network. The address is the highest numeric value of the address format being used. An Ethernet broadcast address is all binary 1's. An IP broadcast address is the highest number in its class; for example, the broadcast address of a Class C network is

Subnet Broadcast Addresses
The broadcast address for a subnet must account for the part of the address that is reserved for the subnet. Using the above Class C example configured for six subnets would have a broadcast address of It is derived as follows. For more on the Class C example, see subnet mask. See broadcast and multicast.
Class C Mask for Six Subnets  255      255      255    224

 Step 1Invert the mask.0        0        0           31

 Step 2OR the inverted mask with an IPaddress in the subnet, such as192.168.16.1. 192       168        16           1
 192       168        16          31
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numbers and has a range of to
vlan 85 name Client_PREMLNV_Provider1 vlan 86 name Client1_PREMINV_Provider2 vlan 87 name Client2_ PREMINV_Provider2 interface FastEthernet1/0/1 description PREMINV_Provider1 switchport access vlan 85 switchport mode access interface FastEthernet1/0/2 description PREMINV_Provider2 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 86,87 switchport mode trunk interface Vlan85 description Client_PREMINV_Provider1 ip address interface Vlan86 description Client1_PREMINV_Provider2 ip address interface Vlan87 description Client2_PREMINV_Provider2 ip address
If you left the IP address unchanged, leave the subnet mask unchanged at
Valid addresses range from to
Class C networks, the most common, use the subnet mask